Zags Walk-On Rem Bakamus Not Sure If Mark Few Knows He’s On Team

Rem Few

Left: Gonzaga basketball head coach Mark Few Right: Walk-on shooting guard Rem Bakamus

MCCARTHY ATHLETIC CENTER, SPOKANE, WA– Gonzaga basketball’s redshirt sophomore Rem Bakamus expressed concern Thursday that head coach Mark Few may not actually be aware that he is a member of the team.

The 6’0 shooting guard said that, despite having been on the team for three years, he’s notice some unusual trends in the way that Few treats him compared to other players.

“At first it was a little weird that I was getting no playing time,” Bakamus told reporters. “I just figured I had to step up my game and earn minutes.”

But as the shooting guard’s career went on, he started to get the idea that Few wasn’t aware that he was actually a member of the team.

“It started with [Few] messing up my name every time he saw me. He’s called me everything from Ben to Ken to Red. He even called me Phlegm at one point. I laughed it off at the time, but looking back it’s starting to look a little weird.”

And that’s not even the beginning. Bakamus said that Few has gone so far to tell him that he “had to leave the gym because the team was about to discuss some new plays that had to remain secret for the time being.”

“I’m not sure if he thinks that I’m an employee of McCarthy [Athletic Center] or a water boy or Przemeck [Karnowski]’s brother or what,” Bakamus told reporters. “It got really weird when he showed Kevin [Pangos] that video I did a while ago of some trick shots I did with the guys and he asked him ‘Who’s that Rem kid? He seems pretty good. We should look into him.’”

Few refused to officially comment on Bakamus, but he gave a confused look before muttering “The kid from that video?” under his breath.


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