New Religion Professor Found to Actually Be Jesus Christ

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

COLLEGE HALL, SPOKANE, WA – In what is believed to be the most controversial hire that Gonzaga has ever had, it’s recently come to light that the new Catholicism professor Dr. Yeshua DeDios is actually Jesus Christ.

“I just don’t like to brag,” said Dr. DeDios. “What I do in my [personal] time shouldn’t overlap what I do for my job.”

DeDios was recently hired this past year transferring from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He holds doctorate degrees from Columbia University in theology, physics, and theatre light design.

Though largely qualified, rumors have circulated that there may be some nepotism responsible for DeDios’s hire. It turns out that DeDios’s Father, God, or street name “Our Heavenly Creator,” has been a substantial part of the creation of the university and literally everything else.

“People are going to talk,” admitted DeDios when asked about his powerful Father, “But I believe I’ve earned the job here. Did my Dad put in a good word for me? Maybe. But I truly couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out.”

The students are also thrilled with DeDios and his creative teaching style. His lectures have been described as “invigorating and challenging”.

“Oh, Dr. D is the man,” said freshman Jason Crane. “He knows all this stuff inside and out. When he talks it seems like he was actually there!”

We reached out to Our Holy Father for a comment on his son’s success to no response.