Syllabus Is The Most Philosophy Student Has Read In Months

Student Syllabus

Sophomore Jeremy O’Hare realizes his English syllabus is the most he’s read since May


GONZAGA UNIVERSITY, SPOKANE, WA– While sitting in his philosophy class on Tuesday, Gonzaga sophomore Jeremy O’Hare realized that the syllabus he was handed was the most that he had read since the previous semester ended in May.

The syllabus, which was four pages long, seemed almost daunting to the biology major that had read little more than the results of Buzzfeed quizzes over the summer.

“I had to struggle to concentrate,” O’Hare said of the syllabus. “Who the hell writes a syllabus that’s four pages long? And I swear it was size 9 font. Maybe less.”

“The worst part is that [philosophy professor Lawrence] McConnell told us to read it on our own time, which means that he won’t even walk us through it.” O’Hare added.

At press time the modern day Odysseus decided to take a third brief break from his syllabus reading to play a game of FIFA.