“Most Diverse” Freshman Class To Include More Than 15 Students Of Color

Zag Wall

The incoming freshman class is the most diverse in Gonzaga’s 128-year history

GONZAGA UNIVERSITY, SPOKANE, WA– According to university sources, the incoming freshman class is the “largest and most diverse” class in the history of Gonzaga. With more than 1,300 new students and 18 students of color, the class of 2019 is already breaking records.

“Every class we have here is special, that goes without saying,” University Dean of Student Life Ingrid Patterson said in a statement to press. “But this year’s class is truly something else. Not only is it one of the three brightest classes we’ve had academically, but it also boasts 18 students of color – four more than the previous record!”

“I’m tired of hearing people from other schools making fun of how white our school is,” Senior Riley Haversham told reporters. “Wait until they see that we’ll have more than 15 students of color in ONE class!”

“Last year, we threw an awesome Chinese New Year celebration for our Chinese classmates,” Gonzaga Celebrate Diversity Club president Harold Landry told press. “I’m almost concerned that this year we won’t have enough resources to do it again with the incoming class. We’ll find a way!”

The Gonzaga Office of Admissions has made a statement that, while proud of the increase in students of color admitted to the university, their goal is to double that amount to 36 by the class of 2027.