Everything You Need To Know About The John J. Hemmingson Center


The $60 million dollar student center is full of exciting new features

With the end of August comes a whole new year of school. There have been a few changes on campus, but the most widely anticipated new feature is the opening of the John J. Hemmingson Center (or the JJHC, as students call it). Change can be both confusing and scary, so let The Logan walk you through some of the coolest features of the brand new $60 million student center.

Caffeine Fix

One of the most exciting features of the JJHC is the inclusion of a Starbucks in the lobby. Is the line too long? Don’t worry! Just head over to another Starbucks conveniently located directly behind the first one. In total, the JJHC will be home to more than 50 different Starbucks coffee shops.

Yes – There’s A Bar

As soon as construction on the JJHC began back in 1904, there were rumors that there would be a bar for students inside. As it turns out, there’s truth to this rumor! The bar, called The Trinity, will have the theme of “Jesus Is Watching” and will be staffed entirely by Jesuits and that one professor who believed in you so much.

Gonzaga Goes Green

The JJHC has already been lauded by many for its energy saving tactics. The new building will include lots of windows to let in natural lighting, candelabras in meeting rooms to replace electric lights, and is covered almost completely in trees to combat greenhouse gasses. Additionally, the JJHC will have only organic, locally sourced custodians.

The Wall

One of the coolest, high-tech features of the JJHC is the interactive digital welcome wall on which students may answer questions that appear. The Wall will record students’ answers and save them for up to 20 years. Some examples of questions that will be asked include “Have you ever consumed or sold illegal narcotics on school grounds? If so, please list your name and student ID!” and “What is your favorite spot to consume or sell illegal narcotics?” Fun!

A Beautiful View

The JJHC overlooks Mulligan field, which means you no longer have to bring those pesky binoculars to watch your crush play intramural soccer from afar. Score!

Construction Workers

Many students thought that construction workers were only a temporary part of Gonzaga’s campus while the JJHC was being built. Fortunately, the JJHC will house over 30 construction workers on site to address any construction-related questions students may have!

With more than two years and $60 million put into the JJHC, we hope it will live up to the hype! See you soon, Zags!