American Idol auditions coming to Spokane, WA

Star Bar

“American Idol” will be hosting next season’s auditions at Karaoke Night at Star Bar

Guest post by Lamar Kingston

SPOKANE, WA – The Logan neighborhood has not always been known for its admirable talents, but every Thursday night one bar puts a spot light on those who have a dream of something bigger. “The Star” (aka “Star Bar”) host a karaoke night every Thursday for the Spokane community which has been popularized thanks to the devout Gonzaga University students. It did not take long for the buzz of this tradition to capture the attention of national television programs.

American Idol has been America’s top show for taking every day Joes and turning them into mediocre musical sensations. Tom Spudnick, an executive producer for American Idol, was eager to make some changes to the show. “We really wanted to bring a much more urban sound to the show” Spudnick said “‘Star Bar’ is the only place where singers have that unique sound where they don’t care how loud they’re singing, what notes they need to hit, or even what the lyrics to the song are! That careless attitude is what makes a star!” After several months of convincing FOX studios Spudnick was finally able to bring American Idol to “Star Bar” in Spokane Washington.

The excitement about the news has begun to spread throughout Spokane and the Logan neighborhood. “Star Bar” general manager Johnny Tang thinks it is about time the talent at the bar was noticed, “I’ve seen so much talent come through here…” Tang told the Logan, “…if fact I was the first one to encourage Fantasia Barrino (American Idol season 3 winner) to start singing when she entered the bar and had 4 Long Island Ice Teas.” This was the last thing Tang was able to say to the Logan before being dragged up to the karaoke stage for an encore of “Party in the USA”.

Auditions for at “Star Bar” American Idol are open to all Spokanites of all ages. Rumors as to who is going to audition are beginning to rise up as Gonzaga President Thayne McCulloh tweeted “YES!! #PeaceOutSeacrest”.