GU Study Abroad Expands to Include Gonzaga-in-Las Vegas


Gonzaga’s already expansive study abroad program now includes Las Vegas, NV

Guest post by Deb McGee

LAS VEGAS, NV – Museum tours in Florence, theater in London, service work in Zambia, and now, slot machines and neon signs in Las Vegas: GU Study Abroad truly has it all.

Following the 12th championship title for the Bulldogs in 15 years at the WCC Tournament in Las Vegas, Nev., Director of Study Abroad, Richard Menard announced the formation of a brand new study abroad opportunity.

“We offer over 60 programs, but it’s high time we provide students with an opportunity to excel in areas where we already know their passions lie: binge drinking, watching basketball, and blowing excessive amounts of money on useless junk,” Menard said.

A study abroad adventure has been a critical element of the Gonzaga experience for nearly a decade. Now students have the opportunity to seek out a cultural immersion with the additional benefit of gaining valuable life skills.

No longer must students slog through an Italian language course with a head splitting hangover. At Gonzaga-in-Las Vegas, students will simply stay drunk for days at a time.

Management and Operations students will not waste their time with core classes abroad. Many will plan new routes for party buses. Engineers will identify the shortest distance from the Roulette wheel to the bar without getting caught in the penny slots.

Course opportunities will also include Club Light Design, Bracketology, Counting Cards, and History of the Power Hour.

“It’s just refreshing to know that the University understands what I want out of my study abroad experience,” junior Jennifer Green said before ordering 450 dollar bottle service.

In accordance with GU’s mission statement, Gonzaga-in-Las Vegas will encourage the development of the whole person. While students’ minds are stimulated by the aforementioned academic options, their bodies will benefit from physical education courses taught by nationally celebrated dancer and escort, Starburst Brookside.

“Yas,” Brookside said.

While the Office of Study Abroad expects this new program to attract students’ attention, they anticipate low enrollment for the first semester since the university could only obtain three plane tickets of the thousands available.

“GU has a long history of putting students through hell to get tickets for things. Hashtag Catholic guilt,” Menard explained.

With the addition of Gonzaga-in-Las Vegas, students can look forward to a semester of bad decisions, several years of debt, and a lifetime of regret.