Gonzaga Junior A Little Angry He Has To Pick Zags To Win March Madness

Zags Win NCAA

Perry Kramer, junior, is upset that he has to have the Zags winning the NCAA tournament

GONZAGA UNIVERSITY, SPOKANE, WA– While the fact that Gonzaga’s men’s basketball team has once again made the March Madness NCAA tournament may seem like an exciting thing for most Gonzaga students, not every Zag is happy about it.

Perry Kramer, a junior studying finance at Gonzaga University, has told reporters that he is “kind of pissed” that he once again has to choose the Zags to win the tournament in a display of school pride and optimism.

“Every Selection Sunday, I pray that the Zags will stop being selected so I can make an unbiased and calculated bracket for once,” An angry Kramer told reporters. “And every year they get into the tournament. What is it now, 17 years in a row? And since they made it again this year, I’m gonna have to choose them win it all. This is bullshit.”

When asked why he doesn’t just choose another team to come out on top, Kramer claimed that he would “feel like a traitor to the school.”

“If the Zags actually win the whole thing and I chose Kentucky or Duke or another school, do you know how much shit I’d get from my friends?” Kramer asked. “I really do love my Zags. I’d feel just terrible if they thought for a second that I don’t believe in them. It’s just… I’ve lost a lot of money these past few years by betting on them to win it all.”

Kramer went on to express his frustration of the tight-knit community and unwavering support that Gonzaga students offer at the university.

“I hate how much we all support our fellow students here. I hate how we all genuinely want the Zags to succeed because they’re fellow Zags,” Kramer said. “Why can’t we be like one of those big schools where we don’t care as much about the success of our fellow students or where we only want our school to win for bragging rights? It would be so much easier to pick another team to win if we didn’t support each other so much.”

While not all students share Kramer’s view, he has reportedly received public support from President Thayne McCulloh, Zags head coach Mark Few, and Gonzaga shooting guard Rem Bakamus.


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