The Logan Presents: Things To Do Over Spring Break For The Student Stuck On Campus

Spring Break 15

Spending spring break on campus can be a fun, cheap alternative to Vegas or Hawaii

For students who can’t leave campus for spring break, the week-long vacation can seem lonely, boring, and a little weird. After being surrounded by students 24/7 for most of the semester, it’s easy to feel isolated when all of your friends head to Vegas and you’re stuck in an empty house or dorm. How can you pass the time until your fellow Zags return? The Logan, like always, has your back, you lonely nerd.

  • Sit on the shoulders of the Bing Crosby statue and call it “Dad” – Now that most of the campus is gone, nobody is going to judge you when you do the one thing that all Gonzaga students want to do but are too embarrassed to do in front of friends: hop onto the shoulders of the Bing Crosby statue in front of the Crosby Student Center and pretend it’s your biological father! Not only do you have a super cool celebrity for a dad; statues can’t tell you they’re going to go buy cigarettes and never come back!
  • Foley shenanigans – The third floor of the Foley library is an intimidating place during school. A student risks getting kicked out if they so much as cough. Now that your peers are gone, the library’s going to be pretty empty. Why not go to the third floor and loudly pronounce, “I am the king of the library! Obey the king!” for a few hours?
  • Turn up in the dorm hallways – You look around the empty halls of CM or Desmet and see nothing but emptiness. You’ve always wanted to do this and now you can without consequence. Turn up your music to the volume that would usually make your neighbors complain! There’s nobody stopping you from turning up your T-Swift anymore!
  • Be the first in line for the next basketball game – No students on campus means no competition! Get to the McCarthy Athletic Center and brace yourself for the coveted first row of a men’s basketball game! When the first home game comes in November, your friends will be mad they didn’t stay on campus for spring break!
  • Hijack a group of touring high school seniors – With college students out and about, spring break is a perfect time for potential Zags to take a tour of the campus. The weather’s usually beautiful, all of the intimidating students are gone, and the administration doesn’t have to worry about maintaining a good image. Why not pretend to be a tour guide and show the groups what you would have wanted to see! You can take them to that place where Oliver slipped in Kim’s vomit, or maybe to that place where you and your friends go to smoke pot. Watch out Gonzaga; we’re gonna need a bigger campus for all these new freshmen!
  • Buy a white van and pretend to be campo – You have a ton of options for this one. Write up the janitors! Write up real campus police! You heard some hooligan is going around and pretending to be a tour guide, why not go stop him? You’re only limited by your imagination, officer.
  • Get to class early – Wake up at the usual time and go through your normal morning routine. Get to your first class early and sit there staring at the whiteboard until it’s time to get to your next class. While Gonzaga’s low teacher to student ratio is impressive, it’s not nearly as low as a 0:1 ratio. Knowledge is power!
  • Hold the door open until someone walks through – Gonzaga students are known for their politeness, especially when it comes to holding doors open for others. Show people exactly how polite you are by choosing a door and holding it open until somebody walks through it!

Now you have no excuse to be bored. Have fun, be safe, and remember: damaging school property is never acceptable. I mean, I guess it could be kind of funny if someone crossed out the “ed” from the word “erected” on College Hall, but that’s still not a good idea. Go Zags!