Student Loses Campus Golf Scholarship After Recent University Restrictions

Campus Golf

Sophomore Grant Napier’s scholarship for his campus golf abilities has been revoked following restrictions on the sport

GONZAGA UNIVERSITY, SPOKANE, WA– An email sent out by university officials last Friday placing a ban on campus golf meant more than just another rule to follow for sophomore Grant Napier. Napier was informed Thursday evening that, effective immediately following spring break, his campus golf scholarship would be revoked.

Napier told reporters that he received a letter from the athletic department shortly after he found out that the university was prohibiting campus golf informing him that the university would no longer be providing him with the full ride scholarship that he had previously been given.

“It’s just really tough, you know?” Napier told reporters. “I was living my dream. I got to attend my dream school for free while being able to do what I love most: hitting tennis balls at things. I knew it was too good to be true, but it still hurts.”

Campus golf is a popular sport in which students hit tennis balls with golf clubs at various targets around campus. Most students participate recreationally. Napier, however, is not most students.

“[Gonzaga] recruited me out of high school when they saw me hitting acorns off an overpass at cars. I never would have been able to afford GU without the scholarship they gave me. I may have to drop out and go to Spokane Falls [Community College] and hope that another school scouts me out.”

Napier closed out his remarks by telling reporters that he was going to try to see if the university would give him a partial scholarship for either his ultimate Frisbee prowess or potentially his “hella rad” beer pong skills.