Kennel Club Leak: Next Distribution Site To Be Omaha, Nebraska
Next tenting distribution site to be 2559 S 171st Ct, Omaha, Nebraska, home of Newman’s Pasta Cafe. They pride themselves on their shrimp scampi.

MCCARTHEY ATHLETIC CENTER, SPOKANE, WA – In an information leak on par with the Watergate scandal, an anonymous Kennel Board member has accidentally revealed the location for ticket distribution for the next tenting game to be Newman’s Pasta Cafe, located at 2559 S 171st Ct, Omaha, Nebraska. The reveal is causing a stir on two levels, as the Kennel Board had originally stated that the upcoming game against BYU would NOT be a tenting game.

“Yeah haha that was hilarious,” chortled our source, “We just didn’t want airfare to Omaha to go up beforehand. We were going to do a surprise Tweet on Tuesday to give them time to get to Newman’s and back before the game, but I guess the cat’s out of the bag.” Our source reported that there were already Kennel Board members flying to Omaha overnight in preparation of what they believe to be the biggest distribution ever.

“The hope is that people will show how dedicated they are. It should be like The Amazing Race meets Hunger Games,” our source said. Prices for a plane ticket to Omaha from Spokane are hovering around $400. “We give them free tickets all year, for Christ’s sake,” the source said, “The least they could do is shell out a few hundred bucks to get to the location. It really all depends though. How bad do you want to be tent 1?”

There’s been a carpool setup within the Gonzaga Facebook page in hopes to save money and get to Nebraska and back quickly. “It’s pretty annoying how they decided to do this during midterms,” said senior Paul Nealy, “I really want to go to the BYU game because it’s senior night, but I have a religion midterm on Wednesday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always up for a good trip to Nebraska, but this just seems irresponsible.”

Newman’s Pasta Cafe specializes in Italian, Asian, and American influenced noodle dishes.


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