Gonzaga Holds Elaborate Chinese New Year Celebration For Its Five Chinese Students

Chinese New Year

Gonzaga celebrated Chinese New Year on Thursday with more than four Chinese-Americans in attendance 

 CATALDO HALL, GONZAGA UNIVERSITY, SPOKANE, WA– The Gonzaga Celebrate Diversity Club (GCDC) threw a successful celebration for Chinese New Year on Thursday, an event that saw all five of the Chinese-American students in attendance.

GCDC went all out with their celebration this year, including a lavish spread of traditional Chinese food, authentic celebration decorations, firecrackers, and even a giant dancing dragon.

The five Chinese-American students were “overwhelmed” and “a little confused” by the elaborate festivities thrown in their honor.

“I mean, they really put a lot into this,” Sophomore Jackie Luo commented. “They put the five of us [Chinese-American students] in these giant thrones and carried us around campus until we got to Cataldo [Hall]. It was a giant parade. It was kinda weird.”

“The weirdest part for me was seeing all these white kids in traditional Chinese garb,” Senior Tony Chan said of the event. “Oh, and the Mandarin. Did the whole school learn Mandarin just for this? I don’t even know mandarin. And when did they find the time to rehearse the dances? I guess it was impressive? I’m not even sure what to think. It was kind of weird.”

GCDC president Harold Landry believed the event to be a massive success.

“I think we honored their culture as best we could, and that’s awesome,” Landry told reporters. “They were hesitant to come at first, but we at GCDC wanted to show the community that we’re more than just a bunch of white kids. We really embrace diversity here, whether or not diversity wants to be embraced.”

Not all of the students of honor were impressed by the celebration, however.

“I’m not even Chinese, I’m Japanese,” Remarked ungrateful piece of shit Stephen Yakamoto who couldn’t appreciate all the damn time and effort put forth by GCDC for his culture. “It was insulting, really.”

“I didn’t even want to come, I had a ton of homework and it felt like they were just trying to show the outside community that they had minorities on campus,” Freshman George Li said. “But GCBC threatened to plant drugs in my dorm and call Campo, so here I am I guess.”

Landry ended the night by telling reporters that they had “something big” planned for the nine African-American students on campus in honor of Black History Month.