BREAKING: Hamilton Mart to Take Gonzaga Flex Dollars

Hamilton Mart has a little bit of everything
Hammy Mart’s extensive wine collection

HAMILTON MART, SPOKANE, WA – It’s finally happened. After years of pestering by students, the owners of Hamilton Mart, or “Hammy Mart,” have decided to take flex dollars as part of a Gonzaga student meal plan. The owners, Aaron and Nathan Nguyen, couldn’t be more pleased.

“This should help our business a LOT,” said Aaron, “Students come here all the time for…groceries. Yes, groceries. Nutritious, delicious, groceries for a Friday evening. If they can spend their parents’ money on ‘groceries’ [winks], all the better.” Hammy Mart shelves mostly small snack and grocery items. If you look very carefully toward the back, one may find that they have an assortment of adult beverages, as well.

The change came after school officials put a survey out to students asking where they would like their flex dollars to be accepted. The overwhelming majority with 93% was Hamilton Mart. School officials are puzzled as to exactly why.  “Yeah, I know the location is great,” said Dean of Academic Wellness Matt Kelly, “But I would have guessed that students would choose Safeway or somewhere with a bigger selection. It’s puzzling. I guess there’s something about Hammy Mart that makes students of all ages drawn to it.”



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