Freshman Realizes He Slept Through 8 AM Class, Also First Four Weeks Of Semester

Student in dorm room

Jason Grant, freshman, slept through his biology class Thursday, in addition to the first four weeks of the semester

GONZAGA UNIVERSITY, SPOKANE, WA– Citing a faulty alarm clock in addition to being overly-worked, Gonzaga freshman Jason Grant realized last Thursday that he neglected to wake up in time for his 8:00 AM biology class, as well as the entire first four weeks of the Spring semester.

Grant reportedly awoke in his dorm at 8:45 AM, which made him late for his 8:00 AM Biology 106 course, Energy Flow In Biological Systems. Grant also slept through the first four weeks of the semester.

“I looked at the clock and my first thought was, ‘Damn! That class takes attendance,’” Grant said of his error. “I thought that maybe I could run and make it for the last five minutes, but I decided that it ultimately wasn’t worth it. Especially because I remembered that I had been asleep since the 19th of January.”

Grant claimed that, besides the previous 12 classes, this was the first time that he had been late for a class.

“I knew that the 8 AM would be tough, but I thought I could get past it,” Grant told reporters. “I mean, I was planning on waking up at 7, showering, and maybe squeezing in a bit of breakfast. But to be 45 minutes late, in addition to the first quarter of the first semester? I wasn’t expecting that at all.”

Grant says he called classmates for notes on the class that he missed, as well as the notes for the 12 other classes he missed, but that they were being uncooperative.

“They kept saying things like, ‘who are you? I’ve never seen you before?’ and ‘there’s no way I’m giving you four weeks worth of notes. Get out of here’” Grant said of his classmates. “It really hurt. I mean it’s only one class and also four weeks of additional classes. This would be the only time I asked them.”

Grant says that he will now set his alarm an extra 10 minutes early so that he will hopefully not miss Friday’s 8:45 chemistry lab, as well as the remaining weeks in the semester.