Think You’re A Dedicated Zags Fan? This Man Has Been Tenting For Seven Years

Zags Tenter

Unknown Zags fan has been camping for at least seven years in downtown Spokane

 SPOKANE, WA– If you consider yourself the biggest fan of Gonzaga basketball, you have some competition. Sources have reported seeing an unknown man, assumed to be a massive fan of the Zags, camping every single day as far back as early 2008.

For Gonzaga’s Kennel Club members, tenting for big games is an integral part of the basketball experience. Typically, there are 3-4 games a year for which students will set up tents in order to establish an early spot in line and get good seats for the game. However, this process typically lasts no more than a day. Seven years is practically unheard of.

“This guy is definitely the most dedicated fan I’ve ever seen,” former Gonzaga student Mary Winters told reporters. “He’s out there every day. Weather doesn’t even seem to matter. Wind, rain, snow, whatever. I wish I had that dedication.”

The anonymous man doesn’t seem to tent in the designated spots for students, which adds to the mystery according to Senior Jeremiah Roberts.

“I’ve seen him camp on benches, under bridges, in soup kitchens,” Roberts noted. “I don’t get his system. Nobody does. But he’s hardcore, man.”

Not many students seem to have information on the man, who is always unavailable for comment. However, this doesn’t seem to stop the students’ respect.

“The police try to move him sometimes,” Roberts said of the camper. “But sure enough, he’s there the next day.”

Students are unsure as to which game the Mystery Camper is waiting for, but that hasn’t stopped students from speculating.

“He has these signs that say things like ‘Anything Helps’ or ‘Need Money For Food,” Sophomore Clarissa Grant said of the man. “So he’s obviously referring to Duke.”

The man was unavailable for comment. His dedication, however, perfectly seems to capture the tenacity of the University.