Junior Boy Mistakes Logan Elementary School Bus For His Uber

School bus Zags

Junior Curtis Austin accidentally boarded a Logan Elementary school bus Tuesday after thinking it was his Uber

SPOKANE, WA– Gonzaga University political science major, Curtis Austin, mistakenly boarded a school bus headed for Logan Elementary School on Tuesday after thinking it was his Uber taxi service.

The junior was reportedly going to meet a friend at a restaurant in downtown Spokane and used the app-based transportation network in order to call a ride to pick him up when he boarded the elementary school bus.

“It was my first time using Uber and, to be honest, I had no idea what to expect,” Austin said of his experience. “It was a little weird when I looked around and saw a ton of 5-10 year old kids, but I just figured it was part of the program.”

Austin reportedly rode the bus all the way to the elementary school before disembarking and even attending Mrs. Garcia’s 3rd grade class for 20 minutes before he realized that he was in the wrong place.

“Again, I really had no idea what an Uber was,” Austin said of the confusion. “I thought it was some sort of holding station while they processed the paperwork. I’m still not entirely sure I’m wrong.”

Austin commented that, upon reflection, it was kind of strange how neither the bus driver nor any school official bothered to stop the 21-year-old man.

Austin said that, despite the confusion, he is still planning on returning to the school on Thursday to complete his work on the multiplication table.