Horrified Zag Fan Realizes He Brought Big Head Of Kim Jong-un, Not Domantas Sabonis

Our Glorious Leader

Sophomore David Montgomery, 20, realized after the game on Saturday that he had brought the wrong Big Head sign

MCCARTHY ATHLETIC CENTER, SPOKANE, WA – Gonzaga basketball fan David Montgomery realized too late Saturday that he had accidentally brought a Big Head sign of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un instead of beloved freshman forward Domantas Sabonis.

Montgomery says it wasn’t until he was leaving the game that he looked down and realized he had mixed up the two signs.

“When I found out I had been cheering and waving around the face of abusive dictator Kim Jong-Un and not Lithuanian rookie Domas Sabonis, I was a little embarrassed,” Montgomery told reporters. “I feel like such a fool.”

“He looked like he was having such a great time,” Greg Dryder, a friend of Montgomery said. “We just didn’t have the heart to tell him he was actually holding up the face of one of the biggest human rights violators in modern history instead of 18 year old Sabonis.”

At one point, Montgomery reportedly made eye contact with a confused Sabonis, who said he “wasn’t entirely sure why [Montgomery] was pointing at a sign of the North Korean dictator and chanting [his] name.”

Jong-un, known for his absolute dictatorship of the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea, has been accused of multiple human rights violations including torture, wrongful executions, political prisoner camps, restriction of information and movement, violation of labor rights, and inhuman treatment of subjects.

Sabonis, son of former Lithuanian basketball superstar and ex Portland Trailblazer Arvydas Sabonis, is currently leading the league in field goal percentage (72.8%).

At press time, the image of Montgomery and Jong-un was apparently being used by The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the official news agency of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, with a caption reading “American swine supporting the glorious leader, our sun who shines bright in a dark world. He shall lead the one true Korea to an unprecedented victory against our enemies. Long Live Kim Jong-un. Long Live Kim Jong-il. Long Live Kim Il-sung.”